For Owners and Managers of industrial businesses in high-potential Countries, it’s a constant challenge to produce with high quality and acceptable costs. Every day, when production goes on, our Clients need industrial equipment and components to manufacture their products with quality and at right costs. This is especially true when they need to increase the quality of production to benefit from your Country’s fast-moving markets and not to be left behind by competition.


The main problem many of you face is the real difficulty to find a reliable source for the procurement of industrial components. This difficulty often leads to delays in production, low quality, excess costs, complaints from clients, and at the end, inability to set up a strong, stable market position. Today, one of the best option is to procure components from China and Far East, but, of course, they are of poor quality. With clients asking for better products’ quality, recognizing it, and becoming available to spend more for this, the problem will only get worse over time. If only there was an easier, better, cheaper way to source quality components, then you could ensure higher quality of your products, which would lead to higher acceptance of your brand. Meaning higher market shares. And better financial results.


We have developed a full range of services, we offer as packages or stand-alone, to add real value to all the steps of you activities.


Source, procure and contract with us


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Who We Are

Industrial Technologies is a supplier of equipment, from small parts to complete plants, able to serve different industries.

Our roots date back to 1973, when we started as a small engineering Company.

Now we have a full understanding of the needs of production industries, and a wide experience. We fully understand to what extent quality, price and logistic services are important.

We team-up with high qualified Companies in several sectors, to offer the most advanced and suitable solutions to your needs, whatever it be a single replacement piece, or a complete new production line.


Understanding of needs of different industries

Tailored solutions

Fast and efficient service

Many forms of cooperation available

Focused on Clients' success


About Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies is specialised in sourcing and delivering high quality equipment, tools, and components for the production needs of several industries

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