We design and produce complete plants for the processing of glass waste to high quality raw materials. We partner with companies with more than 50 years of experience of the post-consumer glass collection and recycling to the highest standards for use by the glass industry. We have created the MACCullet brand to market our technology and equipment.


Our clients:

Glass manufacturers

Collectors & Recyclers




Type of glass treated:

Container glass, bottles, jars from post-comsumer collection

Flat, windows, windshield, from industrial operations

Special glasses



Who We Are

Industrial Technologies is a supplier of equipment, from small parts to complete plants, able to serve different industries.

Our roots date back to 1973, when we started as a small engineering Company.

Now we have a full understanding of the needs of production industries, and a wide experience. We fully understand to what extent quality, price and logistic services are important.

We team-up with high qualified Companies in several sectors, to offer the most advanced and suitable solutions to your needs, whatever it be a single replacement piece, or a complete new production line.


Understanding of needs of different industries

Tailored solutions

Fast and efficient service

Many forms of cooperation available

Focused on Clients' success

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About Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies is specialised in sourcing and delivering high quality equipment, tools, and components for the production needs of several industries

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